dissabte, 9 de gener de 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to everybody!
Have you already made your New Year Resolutions?
One of mine is to keep this blog more active for you. So, to start, here you are a nice video with some suggestions for your resolutions and my best wishes for 2010. Hope you enjoy it!

dijous, 22 d’octubre de 2009

Mr Bean in Room 426 Part 1

Let's Talk Travel!
Remember the vocabulary we practised in class (check in, fill in a form,....)?
Watch the video again and try to answer the questions on your worksheet.

dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2009

Do you speak English?

If you are here it's because you think it's important to learn English. Let's start our new course with some humour about the importance of speaking English.Have a good time!
Video 1: One never knows enough

Video 2: English at work

dissabte, 29 d’agost de 2009

Let's Talk 2 group City Projects

2nd ESO "Let's Talk" Students did some research on cities they would like to visit and where they could practise their English. They read in English, they learnt how to make a powerpoint presentation and they learnt a lot about different cities around the world. Here you can see two examples of their work:London, by Alicia and Edimburgh by Robin. Congratulations, students! Thanks, Aimée for your help.

Earth Day Projects 2008

Here you have the presentation of some projects our "Let's Talk" groups did last year. Nice, aren't they?

Presentació Programa de Seccions Europees